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Leggings Etiquette

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Christian clothing for the whole family! Whether you prefer a subtle hint of class or in your face style with a bit of extra flair, we definitely have the styles everyone will love.

There is much to say about modesty in Christian circles but when it comes to women’s clothing choices, many of us are divided. So, we will cut to the chase. Let’s be honest with each other, leggings are basically tights. Am I right? Cover your bum ladies!! That is just my opinion but let me give you several compelling reasons from my side of the fence.

Similar messages on this topic focus on a woman’s personal modesty for the sake of piety, however mostly overlook the virtue of their male counterparts in the situation.

Do you want your man looking at my bum? I assume not, and good! I don’t want mine looking at yours either. In our ‘me first, gimmie gimmie’ society, it is easy to only contemplate issues such as these from only a first-person vantage point. It is my body, men should just behave and keep their eyes to themselves, right? But why be a source of temptation at all when we have a choice not to be? Jesus has commissioned our family of believers with a duty for our brothers and sisters to uplift and protect one another. So, what if we consider our brother’s interest first? Let us not cause our brothers in Christ to stumble.

'Christians & Leggings Etiquette'

As like with most material up for Christian debate, there is one key element that makes up the majority. Intention. Intention. Intention. Are we wearing leggings for style, comfort and convenience, or is it attention? A yoga class with the girls is a perfect place to rock your favorite pair of leggings and let that booty fly free. A trip to the supermarket? Maybe not so much. You get the idea, motive is everything.

I believe it is safe to say that we won’t be nixing leggings any time soon. Paired with an adorable skirt to tame that tush, they can be the perfect piece to complete any outfit. With proper setting and purpose, they are the quintessential wardrobe staple. Again, that is just this girl’s opinion and in no way is it the end all be all Christian perspective. I would love to know, what do Y’all think!?

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