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Hello Author,

So you want to publish your book. You have come to the right place! No agent? No problem. CTW publishing gives you the platform to make your publishing dreams a reality.


As a competitive, market-based, independent press, we offer several comprehensive, full service publishing options so that all you have to do is sit back, relax and write your little heart out. From editing to distribution, we take care of everything needed to make your story a success. 

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We Publish Your Little Author's Book!

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Publishing Options

We will walk you through the basics, pros & cons of each choice.

Books and Magazines


We purchase your book outright and own exclusive rights to the work. You are paid an advance with a possibility of royalties after earn out. 

Second Hand Book Shopping


You keep full rights to your work and sell us the license to publish and distribute it. Together we promote and market the work on all platforms. 

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Author's Club

No monetary or copyright exchange takes place. When someone purchases your book from the CTW listing, we buy it from you and send it to them. 

What we provide

CTW has your back through the entire publishing life cycle. 

Editing an Image


After everything is official and we have purchased your manuscript, our team gets right to work proofreading, formatting and perfecting your story.

Major updates are always a mutuality.

Illustrated Book Cover


Our team of graphic designers bring your cover vision to life. We are committed to working alongside every author to ensure your creative voice remains front and center. 

Beanie Hat and Book


Every book published by CTW Publishing becomes a part of our subscription book club and is professionally distributed to as many outlets as possible within our scope. 

Reading Books in Library

Imagine your



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